history aawvThe History of Allied Artists of West Virginia

For over 80 years, artists from the State of West Virginia have devoted their efforts to the betterment of aesthetic values in their communities, influencing the world around them.

In the mid 1920's an informal group met hoping to share some of their common problems and enrich their lives. Miss Madeline Keely, art supervisor in the Kanawha County School system, and Mr. and Mrs Arthur Dayton, devoted art enthusiasts, were among the initial members of what became the Charleston Art Association.

memories aawv introMemories of the Early Days

Correspondence in the form of hand written letters that give us a peek into our past.

A handwritten letter from Naomie Hosterman to Blanche Lawson (Cleveland), February 4, 1978:

Your inquiry of the early days brings back many memories of the beginnings of Charleston Art Association and Allied Artists, later Allied Artists of West Virginia. I had kept a complete file of the programs, but when we moved I gave them to Evelyn, and have only some old newspaper clippings and memories to fall back on...


Allied Artists of West Virginia, Inc. is a non-profit, educational, and cultural association whose mission is to encourage, nurture and present the work of West Virginia artists to the community. Since 1930, AAWV has encouraged artists to show their work, fostered the development of new works, and furthered artistic interests in the community.

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Jury sessions are held twice a year in the spring and fall. Applicants must be 18 and a resident of West Virginia.

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