Karen Chamblin is a West Virginia artist who specializes in still life, floral, bird and animal subjects in oils. She grew up in Glenville, West Virginia, attended Glenville State College and Mountain State Business College. She now resides in Belmont, West Virginia.

Artistic Statement

My art tends to focus on the beauty I see around me. Some of my subjects are brightly colored flowers, some are little birds and animals and some are adults and little children I come in contact with everyday. I enjoy painting still life in which I mix flowers and antiques and various fruits. I also paint from photos.

My painting style is best described as impressionistic and realistic and often changes depending on what inspires me at the time. I see a beautiful flower, a particular color or even a little child at play. I want to capture this inspiration in oils so others may see the same beauty I am enjoying.

I favor the “Old Masters” style of painting with the dark backgrounds and mysterious shadows. I have recently started painting figures with the palette knife and my art tends to be looser. I hope to communicate my love of beauty to my viewers.


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