Newman Jackson was born in Charleston, WV. As a Vietnam Vet, he majored in art at WV State University under the GI bill. He is an Allied Artists WV member and jury chairperson, a Gallery Eleven member and a Charleston Arts Council member.

• Solo exhibit at the Frankenberger Art Gallery, 2007
• Exhibited twice at Tamarack, 2008
• Featured in the Charleston Gazette, 2009 & 2011
• Award of Excellence, Clay Center, 2010
• Judge for "Red Green Show" & YWCA's "Eliminating Racism", 2010
• Exhibited at the AT Hun Art Gallery in Savannah, Georgia, 2011
• Exhibited at Oglebay Institute's Stifel Fine Arts Center, 2012
• Exhibited African-American Culture Exhibit "Common Ground: Affrilachia! Where I'm from" at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, 2012
• Commissioned piece to auction at Manna Meal Soup Kitchen, 2012
• Participated in a collaborative two person exhibit at The Parkersburg Art Center, 2023
• "Sorrow Revealed" was purchased as permanent collection at the WV Culture, History & Arts Ctr

Artistic Statement

As a painter, Newman Jackson attempts to have dialogue with the audience through his art. These conversations are represented through the figurative images on his canvases. Many of these conversations are tidbits taken from personal Appalachian experiences. A conversation may come from an episode of his youth, a wandering thought or a recent event that impressed him.


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