Born and raised in India, my artistic journey began with the rich cultural heritage that surrounded me. However, my early years were academically focused, which led me to pursue a degree in Botany and Zoology in college. Surprisingly, I discovered an unexpected interest in art while working on scientific diagrams.

As life progressed, being a teacher, establishing a home, and raising children consumed my time, leaving my artistic endeavors dormant for many years.

A move to the United States three years ago resulted in a transformative change. With my children grown, an abundance of free time drew me back into the world of art.

Art has become my passion, bringing me joy and fulfilment. I am driven by a strong desire to share my creations with the world. Now, my goal is to not only exhibit my art but also make it accessible to art enthusiasts. I hope to embark on a journey of sharing my creations, with the vibrancy and stories contained within each one.

Artistic Statement

My artistic journey took me down the traditional path of Aipan, an Indian folk art. This early exposure sparked a deep fascination with patterns, leading me into the world of Mandala art. Mandalas, to me, are more than just an artistic endeavour, a gateway to meditation.

Throughout this exploration, I was fascinated by floral art because of my love of nature and flowers. Watercolour, with its fluidity, became my preferred medium for depicting the delicate beauty of blossoms. With each brushstroke, I aimed to capture the essence of flowers. Simultaneously, I also tried floral art in acrylic medium. However, the Mandala remains my favourite. It acts as a channel for inner peace, allowing me to direct my emotions, and thoughts into intricate designs.

My artistic development is an ongoing journey, combining heritage, spirituality, and a fascination with nature's fleeting beauty. In my work, I hope to evoke emotions and immerse viewers in the worlds of patterns and florals.

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